It’s a well-known fact, but for those who are just catching up: Gadget Guru has really big hands. They’re like giant-sized spades. They can hold two basketballs each. Thus, when Guru Jr demands that his father show him up at Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, those hands have been forced to curl into an unpleasant shape around the tiny, awkward Joy-Con controllers.

Well, no more: while it was certainly the thrifty choice, GaGu is more than happy with his purchase of a Hori Switch Horipad (£20), which is a proper USB controller that Guru Jr is absolutely not allowed to use. Perhaps the proper Nintendo Pro Controller (£60, see p87)) might have been better, given that it supports rumble and motion, but £40 is £40.

the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Gagu’s streaming exploits continue – his worldclass gameplay and sparkling personality have netted him a cool £5 in viewer donations. That’s not enough to justify the purchase of an Elgato Stream Deck (£140), which is a frivolous LCD-equipped keyboard that puts regular streaming functions in one-button reach, but it’s very tempting.

Let’s talk keyboards some more: specifically the Wooting One (£130). Produced in the Netherlands, it’s a truly unusual device, with each key acting as an optical analogue sensor. That’s mad, but it allows you to adjust the actuation point of the keys, and control acceleration in racing games depending on how far down you’ve pressed it. It’s one of the best keyboards Guru’s used. The clatter of keys bottoming out, the feel of consistent springs, being able to actuate the keys by poking a banana digit towards the circuit board; it’s great.