Edinburgh, Lifting lockdown

 Nicola Sturgeon has published a plan setting out Scotland’s path out of the lockdown. Introducing the 26-page document last week, the First Minister said that “a return to normal... is not on the cards in the near future”. She did not give a date as to when lockdown might be eased, but said any changes were likely to be “careful, gradual, incremental and probably quite small to start with”. Scotland, she added, will have to find a “new normal”, in which people live “alongside the virus” while efforts are made to keep it under control. Schools and workplaces may have to be reconfigured; gatherings, whether in pubs or at events, will be banned for “some time to come”; and social distancing could remain a “fact of life” until 2021. In Westminster, ministers have refused to publish plans for easing the lockdown, for fear that it could confuse the public message.